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Technical Data

Extruding Press Profiles

  • according to DIN EN 12020 Tpart 2
  • alloy: AL Mg Si 0,5 F 25
  • material-no.: 3.3206.72
  • condition: hardened off by heat

Surface Treatment

  • anodized to E6/EV1 (natural) or E6/EV6 (black)
  • coating thickness: approx. 15µm
  • coating hardness: 250-350 HV
  • RAL colors, powder coated (on request)


Production related deviations in regards to straightness, flatness and twist but also outside and t-slot dimensions are in accordance with the standard DIN EN 12020:2001 part 2.

Supplied Lengths

Requirements for exact extrusion lengths should be communicated with your order. Standard 3m or 6m length extrusions may be slightly longer due to production related requirements.

Mechanical Data

Perfiles Standard Precision
tensile strength Rm: min. 245 N/mm2 min. 350 N/mm2
elastic limit Rp 0,2: min. 195 N/mm2 min. 290 N/mm2
ductile yield: min 10% min 10%
modulus of elasticity: 70 kN/mm2 70 kN/mm2
Brinell hardness: HB 75 HB 108
thermal expansion 20-100°C: 23,4 · 10-6/°C 23,1 · 10-6/°C
density: 2,7 kg/dm3 2,77 kg/dm3

T-Slot NV

The NV t-slot is not pretensioned. The NV profile range has been designed for use with gauge plates and linear bearings, that require the profile surface to be flat. E.g. jigs, fixtures and special purpose machines.