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Linear Motion Systems 25

Track Profiles

The Paletti actuator system 25 is based on several types of track profiles and carriages. The carriages run on 25mm diameter steel rails that are pressed into the track profiles. Specific loading, speeds and acceleration are catered to by using a combination of drive units, Timing Belt widths and carriage lengths that meet the needs of most designers

Führungsprofil F25 40x40 Führungsprofil F25 80x80 Führungsprofil F25 80x160 Führungsprofil F25 120x120
F25 40x40 F25 80x80 F25 80x160 F25 120x120
The ground steel rails are pressed into the profile slot on each side of the track profile and forms a rigid stable unit. Within highly dynamic systems they are doweled to the profile.


The Paletti carriages 25 come in several standard sizes. Specific carriages lengths of up to 700mm long are manufactured to meet the needs of each specific application. For high load systems the carriages are manufactured with additional rollers or as a combination of shaped and flat rollers. Should rollers need to be changed standard carriage are made with service pockets so the rollers can be serviced or replaced with the carriage in place. The rollers are adjusted via two excentric axles and fixed using a double locking mechanism of a large lock nut retained in position by a grub screw. Lubrication of the rollers and guide rails is by a wiper and lubrication system with with felt pads that retain the lubricant. For carriages with short strokes lubrication of the rollers may not be guaranteed and in such cases service pockets with internal felt pads to wipe and lubricate the system are required. The timing belt is attached to the carriage by internal or external timing belt tensioners.

Laufwagen 25/280/280/4/S Laufwagen 25/320/320/4/S Laufwagen 25/360/360/4/S
25/280/280/4/S 25/320/320/4/S 25/360/360/4/S

Pulley Assemblies

Die Zahnriemenumlenkungen werden für die Zahnriemen AT10/50 und AT10/75 gefertigt. Der Anschluss des Motors erfolgt über den Standard-Motoranbau, d. h. Paletti liefert die Zahnriemenumlenkung nach Ihrem Wunsch mit einem Stahleinsatz Ihrer Wahl. Der Anbau des Motors erfolgt entweder direkt oder über eine Kupplung oder über ein Zahnriemengetriebe. Erforderliche Flanschplatten oder Kupplungsglocken fertigt Paletti nach Ihren Wünschen.

Zahnriemenumlenkung SL0680S Zahnriemenumlenkung SL0682S
80/80 80/100
Zahnriemenumlenkung SL06885 Zahnriemenumlenkung SL0710S Zahnriemenumlenkung SL0686S
120/120-75 120/120-75 80/100